Accidental Glutening


Gluten Is My Kryptonite

We all know what it's like to be accidentally glutened. 

It sucks.

I've sort of become used to it as of late. That sucks even more! Although, I must say that I have reached a sort of Zen point with it. As soon as I get that first knife wielding stomach cramp, I know exactly what is in store for me. It's exhausting and unfortunate really. But at least I can sort of manage it.

Fortunately for me, I have only been glutened just a couple of times while away from home. That is a scary thing for me. At least when I am at home, I can follow the drill without hassle so to speak.

As long as my 3year old is occupied, I can run to the washroom and stay for a while if need be. This is usually when the Nintendo DS makes an extended appearance for him. 

I'm okay with this. It's part of my life. I can deal with it. What I'm not okay with is the potential complications that my body will face in the future. The more I get glutened, the more harm is done to me internally. The kind of harm that I can't see, but will one day be forced to deal with.

Gluten is my Kryptonite


Yesterday Was Not So Good

Got Glutened yesterday. 

We went to Lonestar for lunch with the little one. It's usually a great dining experience for us there. The waitress brought Lincoln out a dough ball to play with. A nice gesture that keeps the little ones occupied until food has arrived. Being only 3, my little guy get's a bit antsy sometimes. He fooled around with the ball for a few minutes and had enough. Hubby took the ball away and I could see a gooey mess on his hands. I suggested he take our little guy to the men's room so that they could both clean up. Unfortunately, hubby thought a napkin was sufficient. Not wanting to create an issue, I didn't push.

Our waitress brought us out another nacho/salsa as our meal was not yet ready. This is where the problem arose, I believe. Hubby grabbed some nacho chips to eat instead of asking me to put some on a spare plate for him. I suspect that some left over dough crumbs from his hand got into the nacho platter.

I realized my error in not reminding hubby about the little things that can make me ill. About 30 minutes after leaving the restaurant we hit the mall and I hit rock bottom. It went like this.....

  • A thousand knives piercing my lower stomach
  • Hot flashes
  • Exhaustion
  • Nausea
  • Multiple washroom visits
The reaction that goes along with it is never something I can get used to or prepare for.

Pretty sure the woman cleaning the washroom thought I had an eating disorder due to 4 visits in less than an hour. Uggh!

I was so tired after this. Hungry too as my stomach was now clearly empty. Relieved though,to finally not be in serious pain. Today the sleepiness and tender tummy linger. But at least I am able to function.

I know my husband was not entirely to blame. I should have stood my ground. Really wish this learning experience did not come with health consequences.

Latest lesson learned : Say no thank you to the dough balls and make sure EVERYONE washes their hands well when we are sharing something. Better safe than sorry.
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