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Thank you for visiting GLUTEN FREE DOLL.

 I'm Sandra and this website is home to my musings about life as a Celiac and the everyday adventures that coincide with being gluten-free.

I'm a foodie with Celiac disease who happens to live in Atlantic Canada. I guess you could say that I'm Atlantic Canada's #GlutenFreeFoodie

I love to post about Life, Home, Travel, Baking, Cooking Hacks + Motherhood with a #celiac twist.

When I'm not snapping photos or sharing my finds across my social media platforms, you can find me watching hockey games, indulging in a good book, crafting, playing video games, or rewatching The Office.

As a boy mom, I also understand that life can at times be messy, busy, and a teeny bit overwhelming. I consider parenting to be my greatest adventure! 

Here, you will find my real-life experiences in a sometimes not so Celiac friendly world. If I come across something in the gluten-free realm that I love, you will no doubt hear all about it. I also openly share the ups and downs of living life free from gluten.

I originally started my blog as an outlet to voice the frustrations which I encounter as a Celiac. Since then, it has blossomed into an avenue of advocacy for Celiac awareness - something I am wholeheartedly passionate about. I am dedicated to learning everything I can about this disease and how to successfully manage it. My blog has also become a way for me to reach out and connect with other Celiacs and fellow gluten-free foodies.

My hope is that you will take away something positive from this website. Celiac Disease is not the end, it's the beginning of a new and healthy journey. 

Together we can create awareness.

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