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Chuck E. Cheese Does Gluten-free the Right Way

Chuck E. Cheese now offers Gluten Free Pizza and Gluten Free chocolate cupcakes! Hurrah because they do it the right way! Watch the video to see why I'm so excited...

This should be a learning tool for any company that wishes to incorporate Gluten Free items on to their menu. Way to go Chuck E. Cheese!

Visit for more details regarding Gluten Free items, availability and their prices.


Casey's Bar and Grill to offer Gluten Free Menu

Yesterday my friend Jax X of  Gluten-Free Ontario posted that Casey's Bar and Grill   will be offering  a Gluten Free Menu. What a way to kick off the Summer! Right now the locations are limited to 14 select Casey's in Ontario. Hopefully as they gain business, they will expand the GF menu to more locations.

I have run into difficulties in the past while dining at restaurants that offer a Gluten Free menu. So this time I did my homework and e-mailed Casey's to find out how much care and concern there will be regarding this menu. A day after writing to Casey's I received the e-mail message below. While it is unfortunate that the Oshawa location has decided NOT to offer this menu and "may not ever offer it if they don't feel they can meet the requirements to do so ". I can understand that they may be nervous about implementing a menu that requires such great care. I appreciate that they are not willing to serve GF food they cannot be proud of. Disappointing? Yes. Surprising? Not at all. Its a shame that they are not willing to make some effort here. 

Please be advised that the locations offering a GF menu cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contamination.They are taking the right step in educating all staff members though.

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for your email.  We are very excited that we are able to offer a Gluten Free menu to our guests as we fully appreciate how difficult it must be for someone with Celiac Disease to find meal solutions that meet their needs. 
The stores that offer the Gluten Free menu do have a dedicated fryer that only handles the Gluten free food items and we have provided education to all our store managers, chefs and staff on what Celiac Disease is and what standards they need to maintain to effectively deliver a Gluten Free menu.  That being said, we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination may not occur but we will take every effort to prevent it. 
At this point the Gluten Free menu is an optional menu that the stores can carry if they feel they can properly deliver the menu to the standards we have set.  Oshawa has decided not to carry this menu and they may not ever offer it if they don't feel they can meet the requirements to do so.  However, you can visit one of our other locations that does carry the menu which includes:
-Brampton (Bovaird & Orion Gate locations)
-Dundas & Jarvis
-Toronto Front St.
-Kitchener (Sunrise & Victoria locations)
-North Bay
Thank you,
Karen Gutteridge


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