It Almost That Time of Year Again

 I've been thinking about what kind of theme to have for my sons third birthday. I know it's a little far off, but October will be here before I know it! That and I just have so much fun making his cake (Gluten Free of course) and planning his special day. Right now, I am leaning towards a Thomas themed cake....not sure about flavours yet though. We will be taking him on a special outing to the Zoo this year as well. 

Below are the Gluten Free cakes I made for my son's first and second birthdays. He is able to eat gluten but I choose to make anything homemade GF for him. It's safer for my health and enjoyable by the whole family.

1st birthday was all about playing with the icing

First time I ever made a cake...not bad ;)

Must practice those piping skills
He loved playing with the dinos

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