Gluten Free Grocery Shopping Makes My Head Spin

Sometimes (okay, more often then not) I wander through some serious mental dilemma when I'm grocery shopping for my Gluten Free pantry. I get this "what if" anxiety. It goes a little like this...

If I love this product, will I ever get to see it again?

What if it tastes great and then the manufacturer tweaks the recipe, in turn ruining said great product?

If I take a chance and stock up on a new product, what are the odds that I will not like it?

What if my local grocery stores stop carrying something that I buy regularly?

Does this have Oates in it? I can't tolerate Gluten Free Oates. They make me very ill and seeing them in more GF products frustrates me. 

Will the price increase if word gets out that this item is awesome? You know, just because it can happen.

Do I actually need this? Or am I buying it just because it's new and Gluten Free?

How often will this item be on sale? Maybe I should buy a lot and then play tetris with my freezer to make it all fit.

What if said item is only ever on sale once? I've seen this happen.

WHEN will the rest of Betty Crocker's Gluten Free line fill Canadian shelves? Population density baloney or not, we have the NEED and desire to purchase it! FYI they are manufactured in Canada. Yep.

Why do Organic / Natural  labelled non GF products always get shelved with my beloved Gluten Free items? 

Will I use this product before it expires? In my experience, the expiry dates are extremely varied.


  1. I'm not gluten-free, but I'd like to try. It seems like it's a lot harder than I thought it'd be. I hope there will be more cost-effective, gluten-free products in the future. :)

  2. It can be tough at times but we are seeing more variety and Canada has high standards when it comes to labelling. I agree, it would be wonderful to see more affordable gluten free food prices in the future! The market is strong and the need will never cease to be, so hopefully its just a matter of time. Not too long I hope. :)


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