Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

 Dinner in Frontier Land

To our surprise, this area was packed. Bottlenecked, jammed, crazy. You name it. This was the only area of Magic Kingdom where we experienced any sort of congestion. I still don't know why, as we did not stay long enough after eating to find out.

Pecos Bills is a big quick service restaurant. Lots of seating and lots of people. A downside here is that when it's busy, us special order peeps are really in the way. We had to stand next to the cashier and wait for the chef while having the regular order people try to squeeze by us to place their orders.

After what seemed to be forever, the Chef came out and took our orders.

Not much Gluten Free here. I ordered nachos with ground beef  and cheese. Not very Disney yum in my opinion. Desert was the amazing "OMG It's Gluten Free Fudge Brownie". My mom ordered a chicken salad (no dressing) which came with a side of corn on the cob and no desert.

This was the only time we ever ran into a slightly frazzled Chef. Maybe even annoyed. When he came out to take our order, he didn't really have that Disney joy. I felt like a bother to him and he really did not seem interested in offering us anything other than what ended up ordering.

After taking our orders, the Chef gave us a pager to take back to our table with us. For those unfamiliar, pagers are given to those who order food with special dietary requests or other types of food that takes longer to prepare. Instead of hanging around the line, you are free to take the pager to a table and wait. When it buzzes that means it's time to go meet the chef to receive the order.

The wait was around 20 minutes for our food.

After giving me my order, the Chef pointed out the condiment bar for toppings. I had to quickly tell him that it was not a safe option for me. I didn't feel like waiting another 20 minutes for condiments so  I just asked him to grab me some safe grated cheese from the kitchen.

All in all, it was filling, fresh and tasted okay. Just so very plain. I would have preferred to have more toppings for my nachos ie salsa or sour cream, as just beef and cheese makes it a bit dry. I don't think I would go back here in the future. There far better options around the park, which are also less chaotic.

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