The Gluten Free Differences Between Us

I'm so very tired of people fussing over "unhealthy" Gluten Free products. 

Instead of complaining,  chastising and pitching a fit, why not be thankful for the Gluten Free options out there. If we don't like what is available, then it is up to us as a community to be active and let the manufacturers know what we want. There is no need to blast someone who gets excited over a new Gluten Free product that does not fit into everyone's vision of what is an acceptable food choice.

We DO need to see a healthier selection of Gluten Free products on the market. But that does not mean that I wish to forgo my chocolate chip cookies. And no I'm not endorsing Diabetes.

Moderation is a key ingredient that people often forget about. There is nothing wrong with a snack in conjunction with a well balanced diet.

Being Gluten Free does not mean we follow the same food pyramid if you will. We are all different and for different reasons. 

Sugar Free
Lactose Free
Dairy Free

The beat goes on....

We need to respect each other and be understanding. I would never look down on someone for eating something that I avoid. In fact, I am curious by nature so I would probably want to learn more. That doesn't mean that I would jump on board but it does mean that I would not be judgmental. 

Sometimes I just want to enjoy my overpriced Gluten Free cookie without being judged. 

That is all.

Presidents Choice Gluten Free Banana Loaf - Review

PC Gluten Free Banana Loaf

I bought this product having no expectations at all. Horrible of me, I know. It's hard to get excited for a new product sometimes. Why? Well, because what if it sucks? Or what if I love it and can never find it again? Both  situations have happened to me on many an occasion. So I went into this with a we'll see kind of attitude.

Price: 5.99

While not outrageously high for a Gluten Free product, I must say that I am slightly disappointed with the price point. Presidents Choice is a very large company with a lot of pull. I guess I was expecting them to have a more competitively priced Gluten Free line. 

To my delight and surprise, I loved it! The Banana Loaf is sweet, but not too sweet. It is light, moist and and fluffy. The loaf is great with a dab of butter or on its own. 
I pre sliced the loaf and placed it back in the resealable container that it came in. This made for a quick and easy snack on demand.

You can purchase PC Gluten Free products at stores under the Loblaws banner such as No Frills, RCSS and Extra Foods. Items can vary by location. To find a store near you, use the PC Store Finder


I'm Not A Trend Or Fad. I'm Celiac

I logged into Twitter today and saw this beauty care of Gluten Dude

Ryan Seacrest, you sir have made a mad woman of me.

In no way do I own Gluten Free, but when people throw the term around like they are about to endure some sort of miracle procedure, it makes me LIVID. I have a private temper tantrum in my head, feet stomping and colorful words included.

Why do Ryan Seacrest and the other fadsters get me so agitated when they "try" gluten free? Well for one, there is no try for Celiac's  It is what it is and we must maintain a STRICT Gluten Free diet. We can't just decide to live on the wild side and indulge a little bit. It's more serious than these people care to understand.

Because this "star" with 8,528,668 Twitter followers has decided to try Gluten Free for half a second, he has inadvertently set the ball rolling backwards for us by  hindering any progress that has been made in regards to understanding and safety. Thanks man!

 Did he even end up trying anything Gluten Free? Most likely not.Well, maybe he had a sip of water.

Its moments like this that make eating at a restaurant so freaking risky! Perhaps I Am presented with the waitress who apparently "gets it" because shes avoiding wheat for her figure. Or what about the Chef that has had one too many people order a Gluten Free meal and then request a side of bread? Danger.

What Ryan Seacrest probably doesn't know is that a Gluten Free diet is higher in fat and lower in fiber.On its own it is simply unhealthy. Period. There needs to be a variety of fruit and vegetables along with minimal sugary treats and carbs in any "diet".Yes Ryan Seacrest, even Gluten Free has carbs.

The Gluten Free club, is something I don't want to belong to. It chose me. I'm the one who gets to deal with the nasty and extremely painful side effects of cross contamination or misrepresentation on a label. Mr. Seacrest doesn't understand that.

Food is social. Don't make it harder for me. I'm not a trend or fad. I'm Celiac.


Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

 Dinner in Frontier Land

To our surprise, this area was packed. Bottlenecked, jammed, crazy. You name it. This was the only area of Magic Kingdom where we experienced any sort of congestion. I still don't know why, as we did not stay long enough after eating to find out.

Pecos Bills is a big quick service restaurant. Lots of seating and lots of people. A downside here is that when it's busy, us special order peeps are really in the way. We had to stand next to the cashier and wait for the chef while having the regular order people try to squeeze by us to place their orders.

After what seemed to be forever, the Chef came out and took our orders.

Not much Gluten Free here. I ordered nachos with ground beef  and cheese. Not very Disney yum in my opinion. Desert was the amazing "OMG It's Gluten Free Fudge Brownie". My mom ordered a chicken salad (no dressing) which came with a side of corn on the cob and no desert.

This was the only time we ever ran into a slightly frazzled Chef. Maybe even annoyed. When he came out to take our order, he didn't really have that Disney joy. I felt like a bother to him and he really did not seem interested in offering us anything other than what ended up ordering.

After taking our orders, the Chef gave us a pager to take back to our table with us. For those unfamiliar, pagers are given to those who order food with special dietary requests or other types of food that takes longer to prepare. Instead of hanging around the line, you are free to take the pager to a table and wait. When it buzzes that means it's time to go meet the chef to receive the order.

The wait was around 20 minutes for our food.

After giving me my order, the Chef pointed out the condiment bar for toppings. I had to quickly tell him that it was not a safe option for me. I didn't feel like waiting another 20 minutes for condiments so  I just asked him to grab me some safe grated cheese from the kitchen.

All in all, it was filling, fresh and tasted okay. Just so very plain. I would have preferred to have more toppings for my nachos ie salsa or sour cream, as just beef and cheese makes it a bit dry. I don't think I would go back here in the future. There far better options around the park, which are also less chaotic.


Happy New Year!!!

Instead of a New Years resolution, I have compiled a list of goals I would like to see happen in the new year. Together, as a community, I think we can work on this.

  • I would like to see an end to all of the infighting and bickering among Celiac's Its not helpful nor is it necessary. If you frequent blogs, fan pages and forums, you know exactly what I am talking about.

  • Perhaps this will be the year Gluten Free gets taken seriously

  • It would be super awesome if Canada could sell the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cookie Mix. It is manufactured in Mississauga,Ontario after all. Time to send some emails!

  • Lower GF prices. Come on, its 2013 and clearly there is a strong need for this type of product. There is especially no excuse for high prices from big name companies. Also, why is Kellogg's Gluten Free Rice Krispies WAY more money then the regular one? They took out the malt and increased the price. I don't get that one.

  • Lets stop treating food like religion. I eat Gluten Free because I have to. I'm not about to eat dirt and rocks because someone thinks its a healthier habit that I should adopt. I also don't care who eats GF as long as Celiac gets the understanding and respect it deserves.

  • This year I would love love love to see a proper interview with lets say Pierce Morgan, detailing Celiac Disease and chronicling a day in the life without sugar coating it. A documentary would be pretty swell too.

  • I will be starting a petition to encourage (Canada) to sell Gluten Free food online. The American counterpart and many international Amazon websites carry an enormous offering of Gluten Free foods so why must we be left out? Lets change that shall we!

Wishing you all the very best in this beautiful new year !

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