President's Choice Gluten Free Bread Review

Presidents Choice Gluten Free Bread

As far as price goes, the cost for Presidents Choice Gluten Free bread is average. It was not overly expensive like some brands out there. At $5.99 it falls in the  right in the middle as far as GF bread prices go.

This is a dense bread. The feel of it in my hand reminded me of pound cake. In defense of the pound cake comparison, this bread makes AMAZING french toast! I like to think of it as a breakfast bread, or even a grilled cheese bread. So many options here.

Toasted or not this bread isn't going to chip your teeth. Always a great start!

I really like that it is sold in a non frozen state. I find any GF bread that has been frozen, just doesn't come off right.

When the bread is eaten lightly toasted it is pretty good! It probably would not hold up a sandwich without being toasted prior. Do note that there is a recommendation to toast this bread on the back of the sandwich bag. 

As I went through my loaf of bread, I noticed some slices were falling apart or already in pieces. Most likely due to the delicateness of the bread and being manhandled in the grocery store.

Not Toasted

If you choose the adventurous non toasting route, be prepared for that all to common  crumbly, lodged in your throat dryness that goes hand in hand with our special bread. Not as bad as some brands out there, but noticeable still.

I would definitely buy Presidents Choice Gluten Free bread if I ran out of my usual bread (Kinnikinnick Soft Bread). It's far superior to certain frozen GF breads on the market and does the trick if you just want a slice of toast. 

This is a great start for a company who is a newcomer to Gluten Free products! I look forward to seeing improvements to the bread. There's always room for improvement right? I also look forward to seeing a wider variety of Gluten Free products from Presidents ready made meals that can be popped into the oven. *hint* *hint* 


  1. Hi Sandra,

    I think, for my first attempt on gluten-free bread, I'll go buy a package of this and try it out. Are they available at Valumart?


  2. Hi Tina,

    I checked the Valumart website and they do carry President's Choice Gluten Free products. This is the quickest roll-out of a new Gluten Free product that I have seen. :)

    Hope you like the bread! Let me know what you think when you try it.


  3. Hi Sandra,

    I just had to get back to you. I finally got the bread! I know, I know, it's been a long time , but I just found out that the gluten-free products were in their own section and not in the bread section. (The man I asked at my local Valu-mart wasn't helpful; he thought they had the product.)

    Anywho! Love the bread! It's smaller than I thought, but very dense and filling. I didn't taste much of a difference in comparison to gluten bread, so that's always good. I also picked up President's Choice's gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. They're a little gritty, but sweeter than any other chocolate chip cookie I've eaten in a while. Not sure if I like them. :)



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