On The Hunt For A Cookbook? Here is my advice...

What do you look for in a great cook book? I look for a lot of key things. After years of buying cookbooks, trial and error finally paid off and I know know what I really need to look for in one.

Let's start with what I am on alert to avoid

  • First of all, if an entire cook book requires a specific custom flour blend that you have to make yourself, it's out. Numerous different flour blends - blacklisted! Sorry, although it may taste great it's simply too much of an effort for me. At least at this stage in my home cooking.
  • Extremely time consuming recipes - No thank you.
  • Too many ingredients - Enough said.
  • Recipes that are too fancy schmancy- Not a chance.
  • No pictures- I prefer to know what my masterpiece should look like

Don't be afraid to spend some time reading through a cookbook before you buy it! I can't begin to tell you how many cookbooks I have purchased only to try a few recipes and realize, it's just not for my family. Sometimes even the simplest looking recipes can be challenging or not what you expect.

I recommend recipes that use "all purpose" gluten free flours. Less fuss the better.

Here is what I look for in a cookbook
  • Clear, direct and simple directions
  • Accurate prep and finish times (within reason as appliances vary)
  • Noted skill level (novice, intermediate, advance)
  • Bright pictures of finished dish with step by step photos for more complicated tasks
  • Easy to source and Affordable ingredients
  • Tips eg - freezing, storage, ect
  • Pairing suggestions
  • Substitution suggestions
  • Menu plans

Don't be afraid of "regular" cookbooks that are not specifically aimed at those who are Gluten Free. It took me a while to try some out, but I haven't looked back. The only time I stick to traditionally GF recipes is when it comes to sweets.

When it comes to bread products I recommend my personal baker of sorts Kinnikinnick. There is nothing better than their soft bread products!

Eventually, you will know what you can and cannot tackle with a blink of the eye. It just takes practice. Expensive practice.

What do you look for when purchasing a cookbook?
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