Gluten Free at the Ball Game

Photo Credit: Geoff Baker; The Seattle Times

Sometimes going to a sporting event is like choosing entertainment over hunger. There is always the option to pack some small snacks, but this often turns into an " I wish I could eat something here" moment. If you are a Seattle Mariners fan, this IS your moment - Friday August 26th. There will be a select seating area, close to a Gluten Free Concession! 

The Gluten Intolerance Group (advocates in the GF  community) will be on hand during the festivities. This should help ensure it will be a Gluten Free Success!

For more detailed information please view this article Mariners Offer Benefit for Gluten-Free Fans

To find out more about ordering Gluten Free tickets please visit Gluten-Free Awareness Night

I really hope to see the Toronto Blue Jays offer this special event in the future. Perhap's an e-mail to them is in order ;)

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