Celiac Cure In Our Future?

There has been chatter lately of a scientific breakthrough regarding Celiac Disease. Researchers at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne Australia have been working on a vaccine. One that is showing favorable results! The first phase of this clinical trial is now complete. Essentially the vaccines goal is to desensitise the bodies reaction to gluten, thus avoiding toxic rejection.

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Key Points to remember

  • Phase 1 studies show that the vaccine is safe and well tolerated
  • This vaccine could treat up to 90% of people with Celiac Disease
  • Phase 2 trials to take place within the next 10 months
  • Vaccine name : Nexvax2 

Would YOU take this vaccine?
Feelings seem fairly mixed. I'm not sure if it's just people who are against vaccines in general or if some people really feel that a GF diet is sufficient. I have thought deeply about this. For me personally, maintaining a strict GF diet is not and should not be the end of the road. I WANT A CURE! Following a GF diet is difficult and costly at the best of times. Even with caution, slip ups happen. It is virtually impossible to live a 100% Gluten Free life. I read every label but manufactures change ingredients without notice from time to time. Cross contamination does happen in restaurant's even with GF menus. It sucks but its part of life. 

We deserve a cure. Right? Perhaps we need an advocate for Celiac Disease. Someone with the power to be heard. Someone who will campaign for us and make the issue a household name.

If the vaccine were available to me after successful trials, I would gladly take it. I'm pretty sure I would still maintain a gf lifestyle. But the vaccine would take away my constant fear, my worry over "whats in that" ? I would no longer fear eating at a restaurant or feel left out at a gathering. It would also, hopefully give me the option to eat something containing wheat if I choose to do so.

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