Nakd Fruit And Nut Bars - Review

I'm always on the hunt for Gluten Free snacks that I can take on the go with me. 
So, I was happy as can be, when offered the chance to review Nakd Raw Fruit & Nut bars.

What makes Nakd Bars different from other cereal bars on the market? The impressive lack of ingredients! They are simply fruit and nut and are made with natural ingredients with no added sugar.

The 4 Gluten Free bars I sampled are : 
Berry Delight
Cocoa Delight
Cashew Cookie
Cocoa Orange

While all four are tasty, the Cocoa Delight is by far my favourite! If you are wondering what to compare these to, they are similar to Lara Bars. I think you need to be a fruit and nut bar fan to begin with, in order to appreciate this product as it is definitely not your average cereal bar.

Hubby and our little man tried these bars as well. Hubby was impressed and will most likely dip into my pantry for more. Little man is on the other hand was less than enthused. I think he was actually kind of mad at me. That's okay though as it leaves more for me to snack on! 



Stess Less When Dining Out

Dining out can be frightening and down right stressful. Although many restaurants are providing Gluten Free fare and advertising so, often times they neglect safety in exchange for profit.

Over the years, I have developed a certain mind set when heading out to eat. I try to treat the experience like a job interview. Pretend that you are the employer. Ask questions. A lot of them. Remember, you are looking to see if the restaurant as a whole can safely meet your needs.

Be honest and just tell it like it is. You have an autoimmune disease called Celiac. This is why you need to avoid certain ingredients and it is also why cross contact with offending ingredients is a big no no.

Go with your gut instinct. If something feels off, or too good to be true, it usually is. This leads us to something extremely important. When in doubt, go without. That's right, say it again. Know that there is no shame in politely declining to eat, if you do not feel safe.

Applaud those places which are upfront and honest in not being able to cater safely to restricted diets.  If you are somewhere which cannot accommodate your needs and you are comfortable not eating, order a beverage and enjoy some conversation with your party.

Research in advance, whenever possible. Email head office and get a confirmed list of Gluten Free options as well as a contact at the restaurant. Speak with the contact from this establishment and let them know that you will be visiting and when. If possible, print out the confirmed list of safe items and bring it with you to the restaurant.

Don't settle. If you are tired of the same old salad or baked potato, then go somewhere with more options. Or skip this round of dining out all together. There is no point in inflicting misery upon yourself. 

Don't ever feel like a burden. You didn't ask for this health condition and you need to do everything you can to manage it safely.

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