Do YOU Have Any Gluten Free Pet Peeves?

10 The use of the word Celiacs. Celiac is derived from the Greek word koiliakos, which means abdominal. Not trying to be the word police, but hey lets get the name of our lifelong special feature right ;)

9 Crazy people who think that I should only eat 100% healthy because I am Gluten Free. Don't try to unjunk my GF junk food and I promise that I will only eat it in moderation, along with my fruits and veggies.

8 The assumption that GF is healthy for EVERYONE. *bangs head on desk*

7 When people say that they wish that they had my willpower so that they could lose weight. *Facepalm*

6 Restaurants with GF options but no formal training on how to keep them that way

5 The smart ass who decided that everything Gluten Free shall be the same price as a brick of gold

4 People who get bent out of shape at the mention of, or hope for a Celiac Disease cure.There is always a risk for product recalls due to mislabelling or CC. I would rather at least be able to take something to prevent serious damage after a mishap than not.

3 Diet and Gluten Free in the same sentence. So very, very wrong and misleading. Ever hear of anyone on the Nut Free Diet or taking up a Shellfish Free Lifestyle? Nope.

2 People who only discuss Gluten Free in the media to make money off of a book or product which they are selling. These people also never advocate for Celiac Awareness. I'm looking at you Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Gwyneth Paltrow.

1 When someone says that they are supposed to eat Gluten Free due to Celiac or an intolerance, then openly admit that they do not stick to the regime 100%. You are part of the problem, not the solution. Buck up or shut up.


Sobeys Celebrates Celiac Awareness Month

Sobeys is celebrating Celiac Awareness Month. In honour of this, they are having a pretty nifty sale on Gluten Free items.

I was beyond happy to see Gluten Free sale items in their own highlighted box, AND that Sobeys went the extra mile to state that 1 in 133 people have Celiac Disease. 

Thank You  for doing your part to spread awareness Sobeys ! And thank you for stating that Celiac is an Autoimmune Disease!

* Please keep in mind that sale items may vary from location to location


Stuttering John's - Gluten Free Review

A little while ago hubby told me about Stuttering John's and asked if I would like to have dinner there. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first for a couple of reasons. One being that I have an extremely hard time trusting the Gluten Freeness of a place I've never been to before and two, the location of the restaurant is in the heart of downtown Oshawa which usually isn't my first choice for an outing.

Putting both issues aside, we ended up going to Stuttering John's for dinner. 


Once inside the restaurant, the grunginess of downtown Shwa disappears. I shouldn't be so harsh. There IS a lot of greatness in the area... unfortunately it can become muddled with the not so greatness that comes along with any downtown area. With more places like this, Oshawa's downtown will be a great place for an outing. The GM Centre is in walking distance if you're in the mood for a sporting event or even a concert. Generals games are always exciting!

 Not only is the atmosphere inside Stuttering John's warm and inviting, it feels like you're just hanging out at a friend's. Cheesy sounding I know, but it's so true! The restaurant is set up with a variety of booths, bar seating and a lounge inspired area with couches and armchairs.They even utilize the beautiful artwork of a local artist.

The food was such a change from the norm for me. It was out of this world. I had the Smokin Brisket. Minus the bun as they did not have any GF ones at the time. As you can see from the first photo, portions are generous! The meat was tender, juicy and FULL of flavour!

We  went back a second time for dinner recently and I was informed that they have Gluten Free buns! I chose to enjoy something that I haven't been able to order in years - Smoken Clubhouse. I had the same side salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette. The Gluten Free buns are sourced from Cocoa and Joe's in Oshawa and Oh Em Gee were they ever wonderful! I'm sad that I did not have my camera with me for this meal because it was just as awesome as the first time around.

  • Service is friendly and fast
  • They do Gluten Free right
  • It's a great place for the whole family to chow down
  • Prices are super affordable
  • They have evening entertainment ranging from Comedy Night to Live Music and Karaoke
  • Variety on the kids menu
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • They air playoff games on big tvs... GO LEAFS GO!

One thing that would make my meal here complete - Gluten Free Dessert. Nothing like an ooey gooey brownie after dinner. *Hint Hint* ;)

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Something super cool to think about- Stuttering John's was contacted by the folks at Food Networks You Gotta Eat Here. Help make sure that they are chosen for the show by emailing:

*As always when dining out, please verify with your server that your dietary needs can and will be accommodated. 

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