Yesterday Was Not So Good

Got Glutened yesterday. 

We went to Lonestar for lunch with the little one. It's usually a great dining experience for us there. The waitress brought Lincoln out a dough ball to play with. A nice gesture that keeps the little ones occupied until food has arrived. Being only 3, my little guy get's a bit antsy sometimes. He fooled around with the ball for a few minutes and had enough. Hubby took the ball away and I could see a gooey mess on his hands. I suggested he take our little guy to the men's room so that they could both clean up. Unfortunately, hubby thought a napkin was sufficient. Not wanting to create an issue, I didn't push.

Our waitress brought us out another nacho/salsa as our meal was not yet ready. This is where the problem arose, I believe. Hubby grabbed some nacho chips to eat instead of asking me to put some on a spare plate for him. I suspect that some left over dough crumbs from his hand got into the nacho platter.

I realized my error in not reminding hubby about the little things that can make me ill. About 30 minutes after leaving the restaurant we hit the mall and I hit rock bottom. It went like this.....

  • A thousand knives piercing my lower stomach
  • Hot flashes
  • Exhaustion
  • Nausea
  • Multiple washroom visits
The reaction that goes along with it is never something I can get used to or prepare for.

Pretty sure the woman cleaning the washroom thought I had an eating disorder due to 4 visits in less than an hour. Uggh!

I was so tired after this. Hungry too as my stomach was now clearly empty. Relieved though,to finally not be in serious pain. Today the sleepiness and tender tummy linger. But at least I am able to function.

I know my husband was not entirely to blame. I should have stood my ground. Really wish this learning experience did not come with health consequences.

Latest lesson learned : Say no thank you to the dough balls and make sure EVERYONE washes their hands well when we are sharing something. Better safe than sorry.
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Dearest Domino's

 Dearest Domino's Pizza,

You have probably noticed by now that the Celiac community is less then enthused with your offering of Gluten Free Pizza. Really, why call it Gluten Free  when it actually  ends up not being so. I understand that the crust itself is indeed Gluten Free, but once your employees handle it all that Gluten Free safeness is out the window. "Appropriate for those with mild gluten sensitivity" Not recommend it for those with Celiac Disease".
 Seriously? What are you trying to accomplish?

In my personal opinion, if you are going to offer a Gluten Free pizza, shouldn't it remain just that? I get that it's not only Celiac's who eat Gluten Free. The difference between us and  bandwagon yuppies   Kim Kardashian, Gwyenth Paltrow, and the rest of the posse is that Celiac's MEDICALLY REQUIRE 100% GLUTEN FREE FOOD! Did you catch that? The fact that you are even marketing it as  Gluten Free  blows my mind. Would you market something Peanut  Free but only suggest it to only those who have a "minimal intolerance"? Probably not. Just like you would not sell a Vegetarian Pizza that is dripped in meat sauce.

Please understand that I am not out to get you. You are just going about it the money making  wrong way. I mean sheesh, why not just label the darn thing "low carb" for crying out loud. Your twitter feed the other day sort of made me laugh. I had to or my eyes would have exploded at the shear ignorance of what you are doing. Sure, go ahead and tweet well known celebs who credit being  Gluten Free  for their amazing bodies, about your new Gluten Free pizza. Not a sham at all! You do realize that these people have personal chefs, fitness trainers and their photos get a healthy dose of that neato thing called Photoshop.

What was the point in partnering with the NFCA? Credentials perhaps? Neither of you recommend this pizza to those with Celiac.So what it is then? Are you secretly hoping that Gluten Free will be the next big thing and then when you are overflowing with money, you will actually offer pizza that stays Gluten Free? Or is it that you are hoping Celiac's in desperate need of something new and quick to eat will see GLUTEN FREE and order without questioning? Sure they can't sue or anything because you disclaimed the hell out of it on your website. Just know that not everyone reads fine print, things such as language barriers exist and a lot of people assume the words Gluten Free mean just that. You probably think that's silly though.

Celiac Disease is an Immune Disorder and Gluten Free is NOT a trend. It is my life. It keeps me from being so ill that I can't function. Have you seen someone with Celiac Disease have a reaction? Did you know that even if we all react differently (hence the trouble with diagnosis) we have the same detrimental outcome. Untreated, or continuous accidental ingestion can and does result in MANY other serious ailments. Please allow me to list a few for you - Osteoporosis, Cancer, Neurological Disorders, Infertility. Oh, and it can be fatal too.

Here's something else I bet you didn't know, Malnutrition is a symptom of Celiac Disease. 

In the end, you are attaching yourself to a trend that is not actually a trend. You are doing so at the expense of myself and others with Celiac Disease. Shame on you.


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