Gluten Is My Kryptonite

We all know what it's like to be accidentally glutened. 

It sucks.

I've sort of become used to it as of late. That sucks even more! Although, I must say that I have reached a sort of Zen point with it. As soon as I get that first knife wielding stomach cramp, I know exactly what is in store for me. It's exhausting and unfortunate really. But at least I can sort of manage it.

Fortunately for me, I have only been glutened just a couple of times while away from home. That is a scary thing for me. At least when I am at home, I can follow the drill without hassle so to speak.

As long as my 3year old is occupied, I can run to the washroom and stay for a while if need be. This is usually when the Nintendo DS makes an extended appearance for him. 

I'm okay with this. It's part of my life. I can deal with it. What I'm not okay with is the potential complications that my body will face in the future. The more I get glutened, the more harm is done to me internally. The kind of harm that I can't see, but will one day be forced to deal with.

Gluten is my Kryptonite


12 Things You Should Never Say To A Celiac

When Someone Suggests That A Crumb Won't Hurt

If that was the case, do you really think I would be so cautious? To put things in perspective for you, one crumb can and will make me ill. One crumb makes me a difficult person to be around and shortens my lifespan. Chew on that.

When Someone Asks If Gluten-free Helped You Lose Weight

No! I actually gained weight. It's called being healthy. Any carb overindulging person will see a drop in weight if they instantly cut it out of their diet. That being said, there are actually carbs in Gluten Free food. Yep. Bet ya didn't know that, like ya didn't know that some people have no choice but to eat Gluten Free.

Every Time Someone Asks Me What I Can Eat

 I can eat a lot of the same things you eat. Not everything is off limits. I just have to be cautious of ingredients and make changes to adapt recipes. Time-consuming yes, but extra time and effort trumps being sick.

When Someone Says They Tried Gluten-free for a while

You "tried" it? Must be nice to have that option! I do it because I have to. Unlike you, there is no choice for me. Being Gluten Free is what allows me to live. I don't understand why anyone would want to be GF by choice! Not only is it a difficult road to navigate but it is expensive. I would not buy it if I didn't have to, even if it was on sale kind of expensive.

When Someone Mentions The Increased Food Cost

Yes, gluten-free can be expensive. A lot of companies take advantage and price gouge. It blows my mind that people will choose to pay inflated prices for food they are not restricted to. 

 I prepare chef quality meals without said expensive flour

 Not everyone lives in an area with massive Gluten Free variety. Nor does everyone have the luxury of being an exceptional chef. Most of us are average folk, given the task of creating satisfying Gluten Free meals. 

When The Server Says The Oven Will Kill Off Any Gluten

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Am I being punked? Seriously, who started this rumor?

When People Call Me Picky

I am NOT a picky eater. Unfortunately, when one has a dietary restriction, eating can become mundane. Like anyone else, I enjoy variety in my diet as well as flavor. I can't always afford to purchase  different and exciting gf food. Nor do I always have the time or energy to make something from scratch. I have a right to become irritated with my food options from time to time.

When Someone Tells Me Gluten-free Is A Fad For Money
This actually has a little bit of truth to it. Sometimes it feels like a Gluten Free label is just an easy excuse to charge more money.For those of us who NEED a gf diet, the high cost is an unfortunate side effect of this mandatory lifestyle.

The Suggestion That VeryFew People Have Celiac Disease
That is a very archaic thought. 1 in 133 people have Celiac Disease. More people suffer from Celiac than Alzheimer's Disease. 

When Someone Complains About The Cost Of Vegan/Vegetarian/Organic Food

Being Vegetarian is a choice. A choice you are allowed and able to make. I don't have any choice when it comes to eating Gluten free. My wallet sure wishes I had a choice, though.

When People Admire My Apparent Willpower
No, it's not willpower at all. Gluten is toxic to my health, therefore, I avoid it. Period.

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Where To Find Gluten-Free Groceries Online

Finding gluten free variety in a traditional grocery store can be challenging at the best of times. Below I have compiled a list of online grocers which ship within or to Canada.

Amazon Canada

  •  A simple search brings up lots of gluten free items. Some, still not widely available in Canada. 
  • Keep an eye out for bulk purchase which can be costly up front, but save you money in the long run. 
  • Many items qualify for free shipping, and those which don't are shipped at a fair rate.

Astoria Mills

  • Many different types of Gluten Free flour are available to order. You can even purchase the mixes as a set. I would love to try these mixes in the future! Shipping varies depending on weight. 

El Peto

  • Located in Cambridge, Ontario
  • Pies, muffins, cookies and cereal to baking mixes and even gingerbread kits 


  • This is one of my favourite Canadian companies. 
  • Product offerings range from soft bread and buns to baking mixes and pizza crust. 

Marcelle's Kitchen

  • Located in Port Perry 
  • sells their own brand of Gluten Free products

Meyers Whole Foods

  • Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and they ship Canada wide!!! 
  • The variety of Gluten Free choices is very impressive. They also sell miscellaneous items such as Gluten-Free Pocket Dictionaries and Toaster Bags. Unfortunately, they cannot provide a shipping estimate online. 
  • They will call you for payment information and to let you know the approximate shipping cost.

Patsy Pie

  • Biscotti, old fashioned crumbled pie crust and a variety of other baked products are available for order.

Specialty Food Shop

  • Proceeds from purchases go to support research and patient care at Sick Kids Hospital! 
  • Unique products
  • Frozen items can be shipped seasonally

Walmart Canada

  • Wide selection of Gluten Free food and books. 
  • Many items qualify for free shipping 
  • Pick up from store option

  • FREE (restrictions apply) shipping in Canada. 
  • Variety of Gluten-Free products and offer some really fantastic sales. 
  • You can purchase everything from baby products to general wellness, cleaning products and toys.

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