Power Voices For Celiac Disease

We NEED a famous name(s) to give Celiac Disease the voice it deserves.  The four wonderful people below have all been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Wouldn't it be fantastic if they got together for an official awareness campaign? I think it could really open some eyes and create not only understanding, but an increased level of interest.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck - Former Survivor castaway and a Co Host on the View, she often promotes awareness for Celiac Disease. With two books to date (The G-Free Diet and newly launched Deliciously G-Free) Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a true leader in the Gluten Free Community.

 Tom Kostopoulos - The Calgary Flames Forward  has teamed up with the with the Canadian Celiac Association and is a spokesman for the Calgary Chapter.

 Craig Pinto - This former arena football player launched the Kicking4Celiac Foundation, which raised money, provides scholarships and promotes awareness.

 Dennis Hallman  -  Mixed Martial Arts fame. I have not found any information on Dennis Hallman being involved in the Celiac Community.Just information on his diagnosis and how it helped him bounce back.

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