Metro Showcases Gluten Free Products

Check out the AMAZING array of Gluten Free items available in this week's Metro flyer . I already purchase Udi's products (which I LOVE) at the RCSS but Metro now has my attention! This is fantastic as I live in walking distance from Metro. Plus, this means more competition! Can't go wrong with that. =)

I also, love that the GF food is showcased separately with a GF heading. Makes it much easier to spot. Just ignore the Weight Watchers Bread,Stonemill Bread, they are not gluten free. Hence the line separation.

The Gluten Free Baguettes are something I have been dreaming about for a while....hope they are in stock today.

* Please be aware of the Error in regards to the Udi's Bread advertisement. It states that it is available in "White or Whole Wheat"  This is incorrect and misleading. The ad SHOULD state that Udi's bread is available in White or Whole Grain.*


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