May Is Celiac Awareness Month

 April showers bring May flowers.....and Celiac Disease Awareness. That's right, the month of May is dedicated to raising awareness about Celiac Disease. To help celebrate, is offering up to 30% off on Gluten Free products. You can find the sale right here Amazon Gluten Free Sale.

This is a perfect time to teach those who are ill informed or just out of the loop, what Celiac Disease is all about. The spotlight is on us this month and I encourage everyone to learn more about CD. Educate those around you and encourage those with symptoms to get tested.

Host a Gluten Free get together. Invite family,friends, co-workers ect. This is a great opportunity for those of us with Celiac Disease to show others that we can have a good time as well.

  • Offer a variety of your favourite gf food for guests to sample.

  • Have information available about various Celiac support groups and websites.

  • Play fun games to help bring awareness and educate your guests. 

  • Encourage guests to learn about hidden sources of gluten.

  • Cross contamination is another key issue that you can enlighten everyone about.

There are many things we can do this month to celebrate and raise awareness.  

If you know someone who has been recently diagnosed, present them with a gift basket full of gf goodies. I find it fun to create my own gift baskets but if you are strapped for time or just unsure what to buy Winners, carries them in store. If you need to ship a basket to a special someone, GlutenSmart has a wide variety of goodies to choose from.

We can't forget the little ones who suffer from Celiac Disease. A gift basket or a trip to a special Gluten Free restaurant would be a great idea. Also available are wide range of books directed at children with Celiac Disease. Books include :

Consider Donating  to :
The University of Chicago  Celiac Disease Research Center
The University of Maryland Maryland Center for Celiac Disease Research.
The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness CeliacCentral.Org

Remember, whatever you do HAVE FUN! Gluten Free is only boring if you let it be that way ;)

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